Cycle Status


Current: FDS administrator is currently accepting survey revision suggestions. Departments and colleges can request changes until October 1, 2020. 
Next Step: Survey will launch November 2020 


Current: Survey is launched to Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 graduates
Next Step: Spring 2020 graduates will recieve the survey in March 2019. 
Previously:  Survey was open for review by colleges and academic departments to add, delete or update questions until Friday, November 8, 2019. 


Current: Data visualizations are being built. 
Next Step:  Completed survey charts will release to deans on January 31, 2020. Data will be published publically on February 4, 2020.  
Previously:  Data was compiled and cleaned. 


Closed and complete. Data available for review


Closed and Complete. Data available for review.


Closed and Complete. Data available for review.